2017: genre

6:40 AM

selalu ada satu specific genre yang mendominasi playlist gue tiap tahunnya. it's just my thing and happened unintentionally

2015 was full of folk and indie acoustic. bon iver, adhitya sofyan, novo amor, aimee saras, dialog hujan, etc
2016 was full of chill out, rnb music. fkj, hounded, chelsea cutler, ta-ku, hermitude, mura masa, medasin, etc

2017 is.... indie rock! lately i've been into indie rock and oldies rock so much. i LOVEEEE day wave geez how could an entire album be so perfect. my favorite song is promise, wasting time, and home. selain day wave, gue suka banget sama fazerdaze, plastic plastic, vancouver sleep clinic, dan simcoe. also i've been into the beach boys, the monkees and rolling stones too! listening to em songs made me thinking WHY DIDN'T I LIVE IN 60s IN AMERICAAA. why am i stuck here instead.

ok this is such a random post to write in 6 am. but i miss blogging so much, i wanted to write something, bodo amat apapun itu pokonya pengen nulis aja di blog, that's why this random post exist. however, postan lo yang mana juga yang kaga random cha. hm bye.

it's just a quick write sebelum gue ke library buat ngerjain tugas, paper, dan belajar ilneg (why uts harus 9 bab why???) dan pih dan agama and others which i actually don't give a fudge.


late night thoughts


10:59 AM

Tom Rosenthal - For You To Be Here

Dream big, they say

the city is too big for a small dream
dream the unexpected, they say
the city is already bored with common dreams

head up, look up
those skyscrapers were made to remind us,
human beings,
naive human beings,
to do something big,
to climb the invisible path,
to conquer the top
the top you wanted to reach
and once you've conquered it,
the city will be yours.
everything could be yours.



8:34 AM

i used to think that
is going to be the best night for all of us
turned out it was just a night
of goodbye(s)
we tasted the best already,
though not any of us realize.